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Hello everyone! I am Ines, a girl from Zagreb, a capital of one of the prettiest countries on Mediterranean sea - Croatia. 

My journey began in 2018 when I went on Erasmus exchange in Antwerp, Belgium. I always wanted to experience living somewhere else and since I'm a social butterfly, I wanted to meet people from other countries, so Erasmus seemed like a good way to go!

There I've met lovely people from all across Europe, made some new friends and relationships. It completely changed my perspective on life! I matured, was finally living on my own, had a great student job, and of course fell in love. 

I've met Nick just a month before I had to go back to Zagreb, but we stayed in touch nevertheless and eventually I came to Antwerp again. Now we're living in his home country The Netherlands, and exploring the most beautiful places this country has to offer. 

Hope you will enjoy our journey on this travel blog. For more photos you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.